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roof under construction Hitchcock Construction in West Barnstable, MA
Every star listed on this map represents a job we have completed. Just click on this map and it will enlarge to give you a better insight into our work. The stars are a small fraction of the homes or businesses that we have worked on, but as you can see they still cover every main route and town on the Cape. By hiring Hitchcock Construction you can gain the security of knowing you have a contractor in your home who has worked for some of the most highly respected individuals and businesses in the region.
At Hitchcock Construction our goal is to deliver every client the best possible service, while improving more and more with every job. In a changing world we believe in helping the earth. We are taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint, and offering more services that are either "green" or sustainable. We believe this can be accomplished one job at a time. We are working to move in a direction that creates a better word of mouth reputation in every region of the Cape. We do not even advertise in page listings as we believe this is the best way to create business.