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Commercial/Residential Roofing, Bobcat Services, All Types of Siding, Masonry, All Phases of Remodeling from a new floor to an addition, Construction Debris Removal (We own a container service as well), Window/Door Replacement, Green/Sustainable Alternatives.
KEEP IN MIND - The credentials of a construction contractor are extremely important. Inexperienced builders will save you money today, but will cost you much more in the years to come.
Beacon Sales Company offers only the finest construction materials available.
Being a large construction business for decades has helped Hitchcock Construction build excellent relationships with our suppliers. Beacon is there when we need them. Their on-time deliveries save money and time for everyone.
Harvey's is Another First-Class Supplier.
By using multiple suppliers we ensure that competitive pricing on all materials. We have also built an excellent relationship with Harvey Ind. over the decades ensuring better only the best service.
Over 100 Years of Excellence.
We use only the finest asphalt shingles available to ensure the maximum life expected from the material is achieved.
Engineered for Construction
IKO is a global leader in the manufacturing & supply of asphalt and bituminous waterproofing products. Whether it is their roofing shingles, roofing underlayment, or insulation all of their products are meticulously engineered for construction.
Shepley's carry lumber of all types and classes. Whether you are looking for structural lumber, hardwood, softwood, quartersawn for the best look, or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for sustainably harvested lumber they have it all and we get it from them.